Antioch Church of God Bible Hymnal (2017)
Genesis 1 Great God Who Made the Universe (MG)
Genesis 1 I Sing The Mighty Power of God (IWatts)
Genesis 26 As For Me And My House (Sharon Treybig Babcock)
Exodus 13 Let All Things Now Living (KDavis)
Exodus 15 I Will Sing Unto The Eternal (DWA)
2 Samuel 22 Thee Will I Love O Lord (DWA)
Psalm 1 Blest And Happy Is The Man (DWA)
Psalm 4 Trust In God And Stand In Awe (DWA)
Psalm 5 Give Ear Unto My Words O Lord (DWA)
Psalm 6 Turn O God And Save Me (DWA)
Psalm 19 The Heavens Gods Glory Do Declare (DWA)
Psalm 23 My Shepherd Will Supply My Need (Isaac Watts)
Psalm 23 The Lord's My Shepherd (William H. Havergal)
Psalm 25 Teach Me Thy Way O Lord (BMRamsey)
Psalm 42 A Song In The Night (MG)
Psalm 46 God Is Our Refuge (Estes)
Psalm 48 Mount Zion Stands Most Beautiful (DWA)
Psalm 51 In Thy Loving Kindnes Lord (DWA)
Psalm 55 But As For Me Ill Call On God (DWA)
Psalm 57 Wake My Heart (MG)
Psalm 62 God Is My Rock, My Salvation (DWA)
Psalm 66 Joyfull Sing and Praise God (DWA)
Psalm 80 O Thou the Shepherd of Israel Art (DWA)
Psalm 81 Praise The Eternal With a Psalm (DWA)
Psalm 81 Sing Songs of Praise to Him! (DWA)
Psalm 84 How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings (DWA)
Psalm 89 How Long Eternal Hide Thou Away (DWA)
Psalm 105 O Give Thanks and Praise the Eternal (DWA)
Psalm 118 O Give Thanks Unto God (DWA)
Psalm 119 How I Love Thy Law, O Lord (MG)
Psalm 121 Be Not Afraid My People (SKing)
Psalm 127 Unless The Lord Shall Build The House (DWA)
Psalm 133 How Good and How Pleasant (RJ)
Psalm 136 His Mercy Never Fails (DWA)
Psalm 137 By The Waters Of Babylon (DWA)
Psalm 138 Lord I Will Praise Thee (DWA)
Psalm 139 Where Shall I Go From Your Spirit O God (DWA)
Psalm 141 Hear My Cry Eternal One (DWA)
Psalm 143 Give Ear To My Prayer O Lord (DWA)
Psalm 143 The Servants Prayer (DWA)
Psalm 145 O Lord Thou Art My God and King (DWA)
Psalm 146 Halleluyah Praise God (DWA)
Psalm 148 Praise Ye The Lord! (DWA)
Isaiah 11 It Won't Be Long Now (RJ)
Isaiah 27 The One Whom The Father Sends (JB)
Micah 4 The Mountain of the Lord (MG)
Matthew 6:33 Seek Ye First (Karen Lafferty)
Matthew 10 Ill Never Leave You (RJ)
Matthew 26 Passover Song (Sharon Treybig Babcock)
Matthew 28 Go Ye Therefore Into All The World (DWA)
John 13 By This Shall All Men Know (RJ)
John 14 God Speaks To Us (Warren)
Ephesians 06 Fight the Good Fight (Shemet)
Philippians 3 Thank You Lord (Myrick)
1 Peter 2 A Chosen Generation (RJ)
Revelation 6 God Will See Us Through (MG)
Revelation 19-20 When Christ Shall Come (MG)
Revelation 21-22 The New Jerusalem (MG)