Church of God a Worldwide Association Hymnal (2011)
001 I Sing The Mighty Power of God (IWatts)
002 All Things Bright and Beautiful (CAlaxander)
003 Great God Who Made the Universe (MG) Genesis 1-2
004 God Is The Great I Am
005 I Will Sing Unto The Eternal (DWA) Exodus 15
006 Moses New Song (MG)
007 Keep Gods Sabbath Holy
008 On The Sabbath Day
009 Honor Your Father And Mother (RJ)
010 God Be With You (WGT)
011 May Your Blessing Be Upon Us
012 Go To Keep Gods Feast
013 Now Thank We All Our God
014 Blest And Happy Is The Man (DWA) Psalm 1
015 Psalm 1 (MG)
016 Trust In God And Stand In Awe (DWA) Psalm 4
017 Give Ear Unto My Words, O Lord (DWA) Psalm 5
018 Turn, O God, And Save Me (DWA) Psalm 6
019 How Excellent Is Thy Name!
020 How Excellent In All the Earth
021 I Will Praise Thee, O Eternal!
022 Declare His Works to All Nations!
023 The Lord is King
024 Who Shall Dwell On Thy Holy Hill?
025 Thee Will I Love O Lord (DWA) 2 Samuel 22
026 The Heavens Gods Glory Do Declare (DWA) Psalm 19
027 The Perfect Law of God (Becky Rigdon) Psalm 19
028 Most Perfect Law of God (Henry T. Smart) Psalm 19
029 Praise God All You Who Fear Him (BT)
030 The Lords My Shepherd (Crimond) Psalm 23
031 My Shepherd Will Supply My Need (Isaac Watts) Psalm 23
032 The Lord is My Shepherd (Montgomery)
033 The Lord's My Shepherd (Havergal) Psalm 23
034 To Thee I Lift My Soul
035 Teach Me Thy Way O Lord (BMRamsey) Psalm 25
036 Our God Is Good and Upright
037 Mine Eyes Upon the Lord
038 They Are Blest Who Are Forgiven
039 Blessed Is the Nation God Is For
040 Turn Thou From Evil
041 Wait and Hope and Look For God
042 Righteous Judge
043 O God We Have Heard (DWA) Psalm 44
044 God Is Our Refuge (Estes)
045 Come See the Works of God
046 Mount Zion Stands Most Beautiful (DWA) Psalm 48
047 Give Thanks and Offer Praise
048 In Thy Loving Kindnes Lord (DWA) Psalm 51
049 Save Me, O God, By Thy Great Name
050 Unto My Earnest Prayer Give Ear
051 Wake My Heart (MG) Psalm 57
052 God Is My Rock, My Salvation (DWA) Psalm 62
053 Give Ear Unto My Prayer, O God (DWA) Psalm 61
054 Joyfull Sing and Praise God (DWA) Psalm 66
055 O God, Forsake Me Not (DWA) Psalm 71
056 For Even From My Youth, O God (DWA) Psalm 71
057 Christ Shall have Dominion (Frances Ridley Havergal) Psalm 72
058 O Thou the Shepherd of Israel Art (DWA) Psalm 80
059 His Name is Great! (DWA) Psalm 76
060 Thou Shepherd That Dost Israel Keep (DWA) Psalm 80
062 Praise The Eternal With a Psalm (DWA) Psalm 81
062 Sing Songs of Praise to Him! (DWA) Psalm 81
063 O Lord of Hosts, My King, My God! (DWA) Psalm 84
064 How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings (DWA) Psalm 84
065 Men And Children Everywhere (John J. Moment) Psalm 86
066 Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken (John Newton) Psalm 87
067 Zion, Founded on the Mountains (Bryntirion) Psalm 87
068 How Long Eternal Hide Thou Away? (DWA)
069 O God, Our Help in Ages Past (Isaac Watts) Psalm 90
070 How Good It Is To Thank The Lord (DWA) Psalm 92
071 It Is Good To Sing Thy Praises (William Samuel Bainbridge) Pslam 92
072 O Come and Let Us Worship Him (DWA) Psalm 95
073 We Praise The, O God, Our Redeemer (Julia Cady Cory) Psalm 95
074 O Come, Let Us Sing To The lord (Mark Graham) Psalm 95
075 The Lord Eternal Reigns! (DWA) Psalm 97
076 O Sing A New Song To The Lord (Theodore E. Perkins) Psalm 98
077 Sing Praises and Rejoice! (DWA) Psalm 98
078 Holy, Mighty Majesty! (DWA) Psalm99
079 Sing to the Lord with Cherrful Voice (DWA) Psalm 100
080 Come Before His Presence (Ross Jutsum) Psalm 100
081 I'll Sing of Mercy and of Justice (DWA) Psalm 81
082 He Shall Reign Forevermore! (DWA) Psalm 102
083 O My Soul, Bless God the Father (Psalmodia Sacra) Psalm 103
084 Arise and Sing His Praise (Hugh Wilsion) Psalm 103
085 We Give Thanks to Our Redeemer (Psalmodia Sacra) Psalm 103
086 Bless The Lord Eternal, O My Sould (DWA) Psalm 103
087 Praise The Lord Eternal (Ivor Mitchell) Psalm 106
088 O Worship the King (MHaydn) Psalm 104
089 O Give Thanks and Praise the Eternal! (DWA) Psalm 105
090 O Praise The Lord, For He Is Good (Kingsford) Psalm 107
091 O That Men Would Praise Their God! (DWA) Psalm 107
095 O Give Thanks Unto God (DWA)
099 How I Love Thy Law, O Lord (MG)
103 Unto The Hills I Lift My Eyes (DWA) Psalm 121
104 Be Not Afraid My People (SKing) Psalm 121
106 Unless The Lord Shall Build The House (DWA) Psalm 127
107 Blest And Happy Is He (DWA) Psalm 128
110 How Good and How Pleasant (RJ) Psalm 133
111 Praise Gods Name (DWA) Psalm 135
112 His Mercy Never Fails (DWA) Psalm 136
113 By The Waters Of Babylon (DWA) Psalm 137
114 Lord I Will Praise Thee (DWA) Psalm 138
115 Hear My Cry Eternal One (DWA) Psalm 141
116 Give Ear To My Prayer O Lord (DWA) Psalm 143
117 The Servants Prayer (DWA) Psalm 143
118 O Lord Thou Art My God and King (DWA) Psalm 145
119 Glory to Thy Name (Sonia King) Psalm 145
120 Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven (Ludvig Lindeman) Psalm 145
121 Halleluyah Praise God (DWA) Psalm 146
122 O Sing Ye Hallelujah (Arthur H. Mann) Psalm 147
123 We Hope In Your Mercy
124 Praise The Lord
125 Let All Things Now Living (KDavis) Exodus 13
126 Praise Ye The Lord! (DWA) Psalm 148
129 The Mighty Prince of Peace (RJ) Isaiah 2
130 It Won't Be Long Now (RJ) Isaiah 11
131 A Song In The Night (MG) Isaiah 30
132 In Days of Old (MG) Isaiah 11
133 God Will See Us Through (MG)
134 The Mountain of the Lord (MG) Micah 4
144 All Glory, Laud, and Honor (MTeshcner)
145 The One Whom The Father Sends (JB)
146 Go Ye Therefore Into All The World (DWA) Matt 28:19
147 Suffer The Children (Mary Beth Philp)
148 God Our Father Christ Our Brother
149 Creator God The Mighty One
150 By This Shall All Men Know (RJ)
152 God Speaks To Us - John 14 (Warren)
161 Passover Song (Sharon Treybig Babcock) Matt 26:30
167 Thank You Lord (Myrick) Philippians 3
168 Fight the Good Fight (Shemet) Ephesians 06
172 As For Me And My House (Sharon Treybig Babcock) Genesis 26
175 Ill Never Leave You (RJ) Matt 10
177 A Chosen Generation (RJ) 1 Peter 2
181 All Hail the Power (OHolden)
182 O God Of Every Nation
183 Crown Him With Many Crowns
184 When Christ Shall Come (MG) Rev 19-20
185 City Of God
186 The New Jerusalem (MG) Rev 21-22