Psalm 7

Vindicate The Justice You Command by Dwight Armstrong (Music only)

O Lord, my God, in You do I my confidence repose;
Save and deliver me from all my persecuting foes;
Lest they should seize my life from me and like a lion tear;
Devouring and rending it with no one to defend.

O Lord, my God, if it be so that I committed this;
If it be so that in my hands iniquity there is;
If evil I repaid to him who was at peace with me;
Yea, Lord, did I my foe release and aid without a cause.

Then let the foe pursue my life and thrust it to the earth;
Then let him take my soul and lay my honour in the dust.
Rise in Your wrath, Lord, stir Yourself, for my foes raging be;
Awake, my God, and vindicate the justice you command.

So shall the congregation there encompass thee about.
Therefore unto thy place on high return for their sakes.
The Lord He shall the people judge; My judge the Lord shall be,
According to integrity and righteousness, in me.