Thee Will I Love O Lord by Dwight Armstrong (Psalm 18)

Thee Will I Love O Lord by Dwight Armstrong (with Vocals)

Thee Will I Love O Lord by Dwight Armstrong (Music only)

Thee will I love, O Lord my might my rock my help my saving pow'r,
My God, my trust, my shield in flight, My great salvation, my high tow'r!
To the Eternal is my prayer, to whom all praise we owe;
So shall I by His watchful care safely be guarded from my foe.

In my distress I called on God, to the Eternal raised my prayer;
My voice He from his temple heard; My cry ascended to His ear.
He bowed the heav'ns His high abode, came in the dark of night;
He on a cherub swiftly rode, and on the wings of wind His flight.

His deadly shafts around He threw; His foes dispersed in wild retreat;
Like burning darts his lightnings flew, scattering them in sore defeat.
He sent from heav'n and rescued me from waters swelling high;
From those that hate me set me free, and foes that stronger were than I.

For who but God should be adored? Who but our God can us befriend?
Who is a rock besides the Lord? Who else is able to defend?
On the Eternal I relied, and over foes prevailed;
With the Almighty on my side, their lofty walls I fearless scaled.