O Lord, By Thee Delivered by C.C. Converse (Music only)

1) O Lord by thee delivered, I thee with songs extol;
My foes thou hast not suffered to glory o'er my fall.
O Lord my God I sought thee and thou didst heal and save.
Thou Lord from death did ransom and keep me from the grave.

2) His Holy name remember, ye saints give thanks and praise.
His anger lasts a moment, his favor all our days.
For sorrow like a pligrim, may tarry for a night,
But joy the heart will gladden when dawns the morning light.

3) My grief is turned to gladness, to thee my thanks I raise.
Who hast removed my sorrow and girded me with praise.
And now no longer silent, My heart thy praise will sing;
O Lord my God forever, my thanks to thee I bring.