The Wicked Man by Dwight Armstrong (Psalm 36) The Wicked Man by Dwight Armstrong (Music only)

The wicked man doth cause this tho't within my heart to rise;
Undoubtedly the fear of God is not before his eyes.
Because in his deceitful eyes his ways are always right;
Until the vileness of his sin shall all be brought to light.

The words that from his mouth proceed are wickedness and lies;
He has refrained from doing good and ceased from being wise.
And cunningly he plotteth mischief lying on his bed;
He sets himself in ways not good, and ill abohorreth not.

Let not the foot of cruel pride come and against me stand,
And let me never be removed, Lord, by the wicked's hand.
They're fallen, they are ruined, they that work iniquity;
They are cast down and never shall be able to arise.