Rest In The Lord by Dwight Armstrong (Psalm 37)

Rest In The Lord by Dwight Armstrong (Music only)

1) Fret not thyself unqietly because of evil men;
Nor do not envy bear to those who work initquity.
For even like the fading grass, they shall be cut down soon.
And like the green and tender herb, they withered shall be.

2) Rest in the Lord, in patience wait, nor for the wicked fret;
For prosp'ring in his evil way, success in sin doth get.
For yet a litte while and then, the wicked shall not be.
His place thou shall consider well, but it thou shalt not see.

3) From anger turn away thyself and also cease from wrath;
Fret not thyself in any waise, it only leads to sin.
For evil doers shall indeed be rooted out and die;
But those who wait upon the Lord, the earth they shall possess.