Wait and Hope and Look for God by Dwight Armstrong (Psalm 37)
Blessed And Happy Is the Man by Dwight Armstrong (Music only)

Envy not nor fret yourself over evil lawless men;
They like grass soon fade away and wither like a flow'r.
Trust in the Eternal God, do the right and loyal be;
So will you dwell peacefully and truly shall be fed.

Put your confidence in god, and your way to Him commit;
He shall give you your desires; the petitions of your heart.
Rest in the Eternal God, patiently upon Him wait;
Envy not nor fret yourself because of evil men.

Cease from anger, cease from wrath, for all such shall be cut off;
Wait and hope and look for God; be still and trust in Him.
Soon the wicked shall not be, and his place shall not be found;
So shall you delight yourself in peace abundantly.