Awake, O Eternal by Dwight Armstrong (Psalm 44)

Awake, O Eternal by Dwight Armstrong (with Vocals)

Awake, O Eternal by Dwight Armstrong (Music only)

1) Before me I constantly see my disgrace;
And shame and confusion have covered my face;
At sound of the taunters and scoffers delight;
their hearts full of hate and revengeful despite.

2) Though all these sore evils have been our sad lot;
Our God and His cov'nant we have not forgot;
Our heart turned not back and our feet have not strayed;
Tho' broken mid jackals with death for our shade.

3) If we have forgotten the Name of our God;
Or unto some idol our hands spread abroad;
Shall not the Almighty Who sees all within;
And knows the heart's secrets, discover this sin?

4) Yea, all the day long for Thy sake we're consumed;
Like sheep for the slaughter to death we are doomed;
Awake, O Eternal, and sleep Thou no more;
Arise and our help cast not off ever more.