Nations Give Ear, Goth Low and High by Dwight Armstrong(Psalm 49)

Nations Give Ear, Goth Low and High by Dwight Armstrong (Music only)

1. Nations give ear, both low and high;
Rich and poor all you people;
For I shall speak wisdom and truth;
I will speak understanding.
This parable will I submit;
I will render this hymn;
Why should I fear in evil times,
Tho' my foes are around me?

2. Men like to boast of their great wealth,
But cannot save one soul;
What! Never die? But die they must;
Fools and wise, all must perish.
Their wealth is left to other men,
But their home is the grave;
Such is the fate of those who live,
Trusting in their great wealth.

3. But God redeems my soul from death;
My soul shall he receive.
Be not afraid when one is rich,
Nor when his wealth increases;
Though while he lived, his soul he blessed,
And all men gave him praise;
Still shall he die; his wealth shall cease;
for he lacked understanding.