O Pity Me, Be Gracious God by Dwight Armstrong (Psalm 57)

O Pity Me, Be Gracious God by Dwight Armstrong (Music only)

1. O pity me, be gracious God,
For it is You my soul does seek;
My refuge rests under Your wings,
Till all danger passes.
I call to God, to the Most High,
Who fulfills His purpose.
He will send help from heav'n above;
Put to shame all who slander.

2. God will send forth His steadfast love;
His loving kindness and His truth;
O'er all the earth His glory shines,
High above the heavens!
My life must be mid sons of men
Whose tongues use sharp swords;
They set a net for my own life;
But instead they have fallen.

3. My heart is steadfast, O my God;
Steadfast and confident in You;
Praise will I sing, make melody,
On the harp and the lyre!
My soul, awake, give thanks to God;
sing His praise to all nations!
For His great love soars to the heav'ns;
Great is He and exalted!