Psalm 139

Where Shall I Go From Your Spirit Oh God by Dwight Armstrong (with Vocals)

Lord, You have searched and have compassed my path; You, O Eternal God, know all my ways.
You are before me and you are behind; There is no word on my tongue that You miss.
My downfall and my uprising You know; Your knowledge, Lord, is so far above me.

Where shall I go from Your Spirit, O God? Where shall I flee from Your presence, O Lord?
If up to heaven, behold You are there; If down to hell, You would soon find me there;
If I take wings or dwell far out at sea, Even Your right hand shall hold me, O God.

Though darkness comes and the night covers me. Even the darkness hides nothing from God.
yea, even darkness shall shine as the day; To the Eternal they both are alike.
He knew my life long before I was born; How vast, O God, is the sum of Your thoughts!