Psalm 141

Hear My Cry Eternal One by Dwight Armstrong (with Vocals)

Hear my cry Eternal One; let my voice rise unto thee,
Let my prayer as incense be, as the evening sacrifice;
Set a watch on my mouth; O Eternal, guard my lips;
Let my heart not turn to sin, nor to practice wicked ways.

O Eternal, hear my cry; let the righteous smite, reprove;
'Tis a kindness to desire; I will pray for their good will,
Let my heart turn from sin, not to works of wicked men,
I would never taste their feasts; their own judges are thrown down.

Hear my cry Eternal One; tell the wicked of Your threats,
How their bones shall lie around, scattered at the mouths of graves.
O my God, turn mine eyes; let me perish not with them,
Save me from the snare they lay; let them fall in their own net.