Church of God Festival Hymnal (2006)
00101 All People That On Earth Do Dwell (Thomas Tallis) Psalm 100AuthorVerses
00202 Immortal, Invisible (WCS)AuthorVerses
003 The God Of Abraham Praise Mark Graham Exo 3:6-14; John 8:58; 2 Cor 3:3; Heb 1:1-2; Rev 1:8-11
004 Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken John Newton - Franz Joseph Haydn Exo 13:21; Pslm 87:3; Isa 26:1; Matt 16:18; Jhn 10:35; 14:23; Rev 22:1
005 Men And Children Everywhere John J. Moment - Hebrew Melody Gen 9:13; Psalm 86:9-12; Psalm 103:22; Isa 6:3
006 From All Who Dwell Below The Skies Isaac Watts Psalm 117:1-2; 145:1; 150:6;
007 Praise Ye The Lord, The Almighty Joachim Neander - Lobe Den Herren Psalm 36:7; 61:3-4; 103:1-6; 150:1-6
008 Psalm 1 Mark Graham Psalm 1
00909 Hear My Words, O Gracious Lord (Psalter) Psalm 5AuthorVerses
01010 How Excellent In All the earth (Mark Graham) Psalm 8AuthorVerses
01111 Who, O Lord, With Thee Abiding (SJV) Psalm 15AuthorVerses
01212-3 The Spacious Firmament (melody by Haydn) Psalm 19 AuthorVerses
01414 Most Perfect Is the Law of God (CH) Psalm 19AuthorVerses
01515 Praise God, All Ye Who Fear Him (BT) Psalm 22AuthorVerses
01616 All Ye That Fear Godís Holy Name (FMAV) Psalm 22AuthorVerses
01717 17 The Lord's My Shepherd (Havergal) Psalm 23AuthorVerses
01818 The Lord's My Shepherd (Crimond) Psalm 23AuthorVerses
01919 The Earth with All That Dwell Therein (LD) Psalm 24AuthorVerses
02020 O Lord, By Thee Delivered (Greek melody) Psalm 30AuthorVerses
02121 How Blest Is He Whose Trespass (CU) Psalm 32AuthorVerses
02222 Through All the Changing Scenes of Life (TandB) Psalm 34AuthorVerses
02323 God, Be Merciful to Me (Richard Readhead) Psalm 51AuthorVerses
02424 Christ Shall Have Dominion (Arthur Sullivan tune of "Onward, Christian Soldiers) Psalm 72AuthorVerses
02525 God Is Our Refuge (Estes) Psalm 46AuthorVerses
02626 The Lord Will Come and Not Be Slow (Milton) Psalm 82, 85, 86AuthorVerses
02727 How Lovely Is Thy Dwellingplace (Hadyn) Psalm 84AuthorVerses
02828 By All Whom Thou Hast Made (Hickman) Psalm 86AuthorVerses
02929 Zion, Founded on the Mountains (Smart) Psalm 87AuthorVerses
03030 O God, Our Help in Ages Past (William Craft) Psalm 90AuthorVerses
03131 Lord, Thou Hast Been Our Dwelling Place (Henri Henry) Psalm 90AuthorVerses
03232 Psalm 91 (Mark Graham)AuthorVerses
03333 It Is Good to Sing Thy Praises (Mozart) Psalm 92AuthorVerses
03434 O Come, Let Us Sing to the Lord (Mark Graham) Psalm 95AuthorVerses
03535 O Sing a New Song to the Lord (Perkins) Psalm 98AuthorVerses
03636 O My Soul, Bless God the Father (PS) Psalm 103AuthorVerses
03737 O Worship the King (Haydn) Psalm 104AuthorVerses
03838 Praise the Lord, for He Is Good (Haydn) Psalm 107AuthorVerses
03939 The Lord Unto His Christ Hath Said (Samuel A. Ward) Psalm 110AuthorVerses
04040 How Shall the Young Direct Their Way? (LB) Psalm 119AuthorVerses
04141 How I Love Thy Law, O Lord (Mark Graham) Psalm 119AuthorVerses
04242 Unto the Hills I Lift My Eyes (Mark Graham) Psalm 121AuthorVerses
04343 With Joy I Heard My Friends Exclaim (WB) Psalm 122AuthorVerses
04444-5 Bringing In The Sheaves (Minor) Psalm 126AuthorVerses
04646 Unless the Lord Shall Build the House (Mark Graham) Psalm 127AuthorVerses
04747 Let Us with a Gladsome Mind (Wiles) Psalm 136AuthorVerses
04848-9 Behold How Good It Is (Mark Graham) Psalm 133AuthorVerses
05050 By the Rivers of Babylon (Mark Graham) Psalm 137AuthorVerses
05151 Lord, Thou Hast Searched Me (KY Melody) Psalm 139AuthorVerses
05252 When Morning Lights the Eastern Skies Psalm 143 (WJ)AuthorVerses
05353 O Sing Ye Hallelujah! (Mann) Psalm 147AuthorVerses
05454 Praise the Lord, Ye Heavens, Adore HIm (Wilcox) Psalm 148AuthorVerses
05555 Praise Ye the Lord! (Finnish tune) Psalm 150AuthorVerses
05656 The People That in Darkness Sat (Mark Graham) Isaiah 9AuthorVerses
057057 Wake My Heart (MG) Psalm 57,108 Isaiah 35AuthorVerses
05858-9 The Mountain of the Lord (Mark Graham) Micah 4AuthorVerses
060 Great God Who Made the Universe Mark Graham Gen 1; Psm 104; Psm 147; Psm 148; Rev 21;
06262 By Law from Sinai's Clouded Steep (a hymn about the Sabbath)AuthorVerses
06363 On the Sabbath Day (Ukrainian Jewish melody, words about the Sabbath)AuthorVerses
06464 Come, Ye Thankful People, ComeAuthorVerses
06565 We Gather TogetherAuthorVerses
06666 In Days of Old (Mark Graham)AuthorVerses
06767 Salt of the Earth (Mark Graham) Matthew 5AuthorVerses
06868 Consider the Lilies (Mark Graham) Matthew 6AuthorVerses
06969 It Fell Upon a Summer Day (Welsh hymn about Christ blessing the children)AuthorVerses
07070 Hosanna, Loud Hosanna (Jesus' entry into Jerusalem)AuthorVerses
07171 All Glory, Laud, and HonorAuthorVerses
07272 God Speaks To Us - John 14 (Warren)AuthorVerses
07373 Were You ThereAuthorVerses
07474 In Joseph's Lovely GardenAuthorVerses
07575 Rejoice, the Lord Is KingAuthorVerses
07676 We've a Story to Tell to the NationsAuthorVerses
07777 God, Who Made the EarthAuthorVerses
07878 In Christ There Is No East or WestAuthorVerses
07979 Lord, I Want to Be a ChristianAuthorVerses
08080-1 A Song In The Night (Mark Graham)AuthorVerses
08282-3 In that Day (Hawaiian Melody)AuthorVerses
08484 The Church's One FoundationAuthorVerses
08585 Rejoice, Rejoice, BelieversAuthorVerses
08686 There Is Joy in My Heart (Mark Graham)AuthorVerses
08787 Golden Breaks the Dawn (Chinese melody) Psalm 19AuthorVerses
08888 All Hail the Power of Jesus' NameAuthorVerses
08989 Come, Lord, and Tarry NotAuthorVerses
09090 From the Highest Heaven (Peruvian melody) Rev 19, Zech 14AuthorVerses
091 God Is Calling Children Mark Graham Deut 6:7; Mal 2:15; Acts 2:39; Romans 12:2; 2 Tim 2:2
09292 When Christ Shall Come (MG) Rev 19-20AuthorVerses
09393 The New Jerusalem (Mark Graham) Rev 21-22AuthorVerses
09494-5 Now Let Us Go (about preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Londonderry Air)AuthorVerses
09696 God Will See Us Through (Mark Graham)AuthorVerses
099099 Proclaim Holy Convocations (RJ) Lev 23AuthorVerses
100100-1 It Won't Be Long Now (RJ) Isaiah 11AuthorVerses
102102-3 How Good and How Pleasant (RJ) Psalm 133AuthorVerses
104104-5 If You Know These Things (RJ)AuthorVerses
106106-7 By This Shall All Men Know (RJ)AuthorVerses
108108-9 Won't It Be Great! (RJ)AuthorVerses
110110-1 Ill Never Leave You (RJ) Matt 10AuthorVerses
112112-3 Remember The Sabbath Day (RJ)AuthorVerses
114-15 Ambassadors For Christ Ross Jutsum Matt 6:10; 2 Cor 5:17-21, 6:1-18; Phillipians 3:14
116116 Remember Your Creator (RJ) Proverbs 7AuthorVerses
117117 To Thee I Lift My Soul (DWA) Psalm 25AuthorVerses
118118 They Are Blest Who Are Forgiven (DWA) Psalm 32AuthorVerses
119119 Blessed Is The Nation God Is For (DWA) Psalm 33AuthorVerses
120120 Blow The Horn Let Zion Hear (DWA) Joel 2AuthorVerses
121121 Behold The Day Will Come (DWA) Zechariah 14AuthorVerses
122122 Go Ye Therefore Into All The World (DWA) Matt 28:19AuthorVerses
123123 Not Many Wise Men Now Are Called (DWA) 1 Cor 1AuthorVerses
124124 Thee Will I Love O Lord (DWA) 2 Samuel 22 AuthorVerses
125125 Turn Thou From Evil (DWA) Psalm 34AuthorVerses
126126 Awake, O Eternal (DWA) Psalm 44AuthorVerses
127127 In Thy Loving Kindnes Lord (DWA) Psalm 51AuthorVerses
128 But As For Me I'll Call On God Dwight W. Armstrong Psalm 55
129129 Give Ear Unto My Prayer O God (DWA) Psalm 61AuthorVerses
130130 Joyfull Sing and Praise God (DWA) Psalm 66AuthorVerses
131131 Praise The Eternal With a Psalm (DWA) Psalm 81AuthorVerses
132132 How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings (DWA) Psalm 84AuthorVerses
133133 Holy Mighty Majesty (DWA) Psalm 99AuthorVerses
134134 How I Love Thy Law (DWA) Psalm 119AuthorVerses
135135 His Mercy Never Fails (DWA) Psalm 136AuthorVerses
136136-7 Lord Teach Me That I May Know (DWA) Psalm 143AuthorVerses
138138 Halleluyah Praise God - Psalm 146 (DWA)AuthorVerses
139 I Will Sing Unto The Eternal Ann Tannert - Dwight W. Armstrong Exodus 15:1-19
140 America The Beautiful Samual Ward Deuteronomy 8:7
141 Onward Christian Soldiers! Sabine Baring-Gould Matthew 16:18
142142 Battle Hymn of the Republic (WSteffe)AuthorVerses
143143 Turn O God And Save Me (DWA) Psalm 6AuthorVerses
144144-5 The One Whom The Father Sends (JB)AuthorVerses
146146 Trust In God And Stand In Awe (DWA) Psalm 4