United Church of God Hymnal (1996)
01O Come and Let Us Worship HimDwight W. ArmstrongPsalm 95
02Sing to the Lord With Cheerful Voice (DWA) Psalm 100Dwight W. Armstrong-
03Wake My Heart (MG) Psalm 57.-
04Great Is the Lord (AT) Psalm 48.-
05How Excellent Is Thy Name (DWA) Psalm 8Dwight W. Armstrong-
06Praise Ye the Lord, the Almighty (LDH) Psalm 148.-
07God Speaks to Us (GWW) John 14.-
08I Will Praise Thee, O Eternal! (DWA) Psalm 9Dwight W. Armstrong-
09The God of Abraham (MG).-
10Declare His Works to All Nations! (DWA) Psalm 9Dwight W. Armstrong-
11Blessed Is the Nation God Is For (DWA) Psalm 33Dwight W. Armstrong-
12From the Realms of Unseen Glory (LVB).-
13Joyfull Sing and Praise God (DWA) Psalm 66Dwight W. Armstrong-
14-5There Is Joy In My Heart (MG).-
16For Even From My Youth, O God (DWA) Psalm 71Dwight W. Armstrong-
17How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings (DWA) Psalm 84Dwight W. Armstrong-
18-9Suffer the Children (MBP).-
20Thank You, Lord (RM).-
21God Will See Us Through (MG).-
22-3Forgive and You Shall Be Forgiven (RM) Matt 5.-
24In Thy Lovingkindness, Lord (DWA) Psalm 51Dwight W. Armstrong-
25Sing Praises and Rejoice! (DWA) Psalm 98Dwight W. Armstrong-
26Holy Mighty Majesty (DWA) Psalm 99Dwight W. Armstrong-
2727 The Lord's My Shepherd (Havergal) Psalm 23.-
28The Lord's My Shepherd (Crimond) Psalm 23.-
29Praise The Eternal With a Psalm (DWA) Psalm 81Dwight W. Armstrong-
30-1The One Whom The Father Sends (JB).-
32Bless the Lord Eternal, O My Soul (DWA) Psalm 103Dwight W. Armstrong-
33Be Not Afraid My People (SKing) Psalm 121.-
34-5Great Is Thy Faithfulness (WMR).-
36-7One Faith, One Love (PMM).-
38God's Message (BR).-
39God Our Father, Christ Our Brother (GEH).-
40-1O Give Thanks and Praise the Eternal! (DWA) Psalm 105Dwight W. Armstrong-
42-3O That Men Would Praise Their God! (DWA) Psalm 107Dwight W. Armstrong-
44O How Love I Thy Law! (DWA) Psalm 119Dwight W. Armstrong-
45Blest And Happy Is He (DWA) Psalm 128Dwight W. Armstrong-
46His Mercy Never Fails (DWA) Psalm 136Dwight W. Armstrong-
47Hallelujah! Praise God! (DWA) Psalm 146Dwight W. Armstrong-
48Behold, The Day Will Come (DWA) Zechariah 14Dwight W. Armstrong-
49O Lord Thou Art My God and King (DWA) Psalm 145Dwight W. Armstrong-
50As For Me And My House (Sharon Treybig Babcock) Genesis 26.-
51God Is Calling Children (MG).-
52 I Sing The Mighty Power of God Isaac Watts Genesis 1
53Lord, Teach Me That I May Know (DWA) Psalm 143Dwight W. Armstrong-
54-5Praise Ye The Lord! (DWA) Psalm 148Dwight W. Armstrong-
56Righteous Judge (DWA) Psalm 43.-
57Mount Zion Stands Most Beautiful (DWA) Psalm 48Dwight W. Armstrong-
58Give Ear Unto My Prayer, O God (DWA) Psalm 61Dwight W. Armstrong-
59The Lord Eternal Reigns (DWA) Psalm 97Dwight W. Armstrong-
60-1God Is My Rock, My Salvation (DWA) Psalm 62Dwight W. Armstrong-
62The Lord God Reigns (DS) Micah 4; Isaiah 2.-
63How Good It Is to Thank the Lord (DWA) Psalm 92Dwight W. Armstrong-
64Praise the Lord on High (DWA) Psalm 117.-
65Sing Songs of Praise to Him! (DWA) Psalm 81Dwight W. Armstrong-
66We Give Thanks to Our Redeemer (WGH).-
67Praise God's Name! (DWA) Psalm 135.-
68Mine Eyes Upon the Lord Continually Are Set (DWA) Psalm 25Dwight W. Armstrong-
69Fight the Good Fight (Shemet) Ephesians 06.-
70They Are Blest Who Are Forgiven (DWA) Psalm 32Dwight W. Armstrong-
71Psalm 41 (WAB)) Psalm 41.-
72Our God Is Good and Upright (DWA) Psalm 25Dwight W. Armstrong-
73Seek Ye First (Karen Lafferty) Matthew 6:33.-
74From All Who Dwell Below the Skies (IWatts) Psalm 117.-
75Go Into the World (AT) Matthew 28.-
76O God of Every Nation (WWR).-
77Blest And Happy Is The Man (DWA) Psalm 1Dwight W. Armstrong-
78-9Isaiah The Prophet Has Written of Old (JFP) .-
80Glory to Thy Name (SJK) Psalm 145.-
81Thee Will I Love O Lord (DWA) 2 Samuel 22 .-
82Turn Thou From Evil (DWA) Psalm 34.-
83To Thee I Lift My Soul (DWA) Psalm 25Dwight W. Armstrong-
84The New Jerusalem (MG) Rev 21-22.-
85Go Ye Therefore Into All The WorldDwight W. ArmstrongMatt 28:19